MantisBot. CWRU Biologically Inspired Robotics

"MantisBot is a robotic model of a praying mantis. It is controlled by a detailed neural simulation of networks in the thoracic ganglia. In its current form, sensory information and central pattern generators can mimic some postural reflexes observed in insects. We plan to use MantisBot to model and explore prey-directed posture and stalking, as well as the initiation of and transition between these behaviors."

N. S. Szczecinski, D. M. Chrzanowski, D. W. Cofer, D. R. Moore, A. S. Terrasi, J. P. Martin, R. E. Ritzmann, and R. D. Quinn, “MantisBot: A Platform for Investigating Mantis Behavior via Real-Time Neural Control,” in Living Machines, 2015, Accepted.