The CSN II coordination action

Advances in innovative technologies will depend on the discovery and mastery of novel principles as opposed to boosting existing ones. One approach to answer this challenge is to translate fundamental principles underlying the unsurpassed ability of natural systems, in particular brains, to conquer the challenges of the real world into new technologies.

The Convergent Science Network for Biomimetics and Neurotechnology (CSNII) will directly contribute to this ambition by advancing the definition, federation and consolidation of research in the Future and Emerging Technology area of Neuro- and Bioinspired systems. In doing so CSNII will on one hand capitalize on the results and findings of the Coordination Action “The Convergent Science Network” (CSNI) and on the other expand the reach and impact of the European research community in this area by establishing strategic collaborations with key researchers and research communities in the USA and Japan.

The CSNII project objectives

  • Carry out an overview of the current trends and future developments in the field of neurotechnology and biomimetic sciences
  • Provide an overview on current curricula in the field of biomimetic sciences and neurotechnology and to develop future strategies for post graduate courses in the field, as well as some further teaching material such as video-lectures and podcasts from key scientists from the NBIS research community
  • Reach out to the various stakeholders in the fields of biomimetics and neurotechnology in order to contribute to community building and to disseminate the project results and project deliverables, i.e. future trends, roadmaps, etc
  • Participate in and actively organize strategic workshops and conferences in the fields of biomimetics and neurotechnology

The CSNII Project Partners

UPF      Paul Verschure       Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain (coordinator)
USFD   Tony Prescott          The University of Sheffield, England
UNIPD  Stefano Vassanelli  Università degli Studi di Padova, Italy
UZH      Giacomo Indiveri    Universität Zürich, Switzerland
OIST     Erik De Schutter     Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan
JHU      Ralph Etienne Cummings 
The Johns Hopkins University, USA