LM Exhibition

The Living Machines 2013 Exhibition will take place in the London Science Museum on Thursday 1st August 2013. 

The exhibition is intended to feature working biomimetic or biohybrid systems and biomimetic/biohybrid art. The exhibition is expected to feature intelligent artefacts such as biomimetic robotics, however, we are open to proposals for display of biomimetic or biohybrid systems of any kind.

Current highlights of the exhibition include:
• A live musical performance featuring a humanoid robot
• Mammal-like robots with whiskered touch systems
• A Robot swarm whose behaviour is more than the sum of its parts
• A robot model of ‘trace’ fossils from the dawn of life
• Music composed by a bio-inspired computer programme that mimics natural selection
• Plant-like robots that grow and change shape
• Biomimetic medical devices
• A robot that powers itself by digesting insects
• Micro-flying robots
• Robothespian—an interactive multi-lingual humanoid
• Wearable computing for finding your way in darkness
• Biohybrid clothing made with amoebas

click HERE to see the complete list of exhibits

The exhibition will be in two sessions:

The afternoon session will be from 2.30–6.00 pm, exhibits will be displayed alongside conference posters. This session will be open to conference delegates only.

The evening session will be from 7.00-11.00 pm and will be alongside the LM2013 press reception and buffet dinner. This session will be open to invited representatives of the press, VIPs, and conference delegates and members of the public who have registered for the evening reception and buffet dinner (the individual price for the evening reception is 50 GBP).

Please find a pdf of LM exhibition invitation letter below


The exhibition will be hosted in the Level 1 Galleries, a 700m2 space at the London Science Museum which is conveniently located in South Kensington, the Museum district of the UK capital, and close to many of London’s tourist sights.

LM2013 Exhibition registration is now closed!