Capo Caccia opens its 10th edition with a great scientific program

Thursday, 2016, March 24

Fantastic program at the 10th edition of the CapoCaccia Cognitive Neuromorphic Engineering Workshop series!

This unconventional, interdisciplinary, and exciting workshop, sponsored by CSN II, brings together experts in neuroscience, neuromorphic engineering, cognitive sciences and robotics to discuss about the open problems in these fields and attempt to find routes to their resolution with practical hands-on hacking afternoon, evening, and night sessions, in a beautiful setting on the Mediterranean sea.

Workshop program

Date              Topic                                                                              Moderators
24.04 (Sun)  Welcome, get together, and  tour of workshop facilities G. Indiveri
25.05 (Mon)  Tutorial on on cortical circuits, neuromorphic circuits, sensors, and systems R. Douglas, G. Indiveri, T. Delbruck, A. van Schaik
26.04 (Tue)   Neural computation in insects and robots C. Rind, Y. Sandamirskaya
27.04 (Wed)  Visual cortical circuits and canonical microcircuits Y. Fregnac, R. Douglas, K. Martin
28.04 (Thu)   Understanding neural processing principles from anatomy and behavioral experiments F. Engert,  B.Richmond
29.04 (Fri)     Learning, memory and decision making processes in neural systems for cognitive behavior T. Sejnowski, 
30.04 (Sat)    Inter-area cortical connectivity and Neural Multiprocessing H. Kennedy, K. Martin, D. Ballard
01.05 (Sun)   Free day, hiking, swimming, sports and social events
02.05 (Mon)   Decision making and learning in cognitive agents P. Del Giudice, E. Neftci, G. Indiveri
03.05 (Tue)   Neuromorphic sensory and sensory-motor system. Conradt, D. Scaramuzza, R. Benosman
04.05 (Wed)  What has Computational Neuroscience given us in all these years? What will it give in the near future? D. Ballard, C. von der Malsburg,
05.05 (Thu)   Neural and neuromorphic cognitive systems J. Kilner, M. Cook, Y. Sandamirskaya
06.05 (Fri)     Neuromorphic computing systems with emerging technologies (memristors, 3D VLSI) for neuroscience and neuromorphic engineering B. Linares
                      Barranco, F. L. Traversa
07.05 (Sat)   Project demos and open discussion on future workshops