@ ICT2015 to promote the Converging of Science, Technology and Humanities

Tuesday, 2015, October 20

for more info go to https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/ict2015

 Great first day at ICT2015!  

 CSNII directly contributes to this event by fostering  a multidisciplinary approach towards science,  technology and humanities.  

 The projects presented at ICT2015 under the  umbrella of CSN II are connected by the same  ambition to advance research in the Future and  Emerging Technology of Neuro- and Bioinspired  systems.

 CSNII combines platforms for exchange,  training  and outreach with international  collaboration  (Japan and US), boosting multi-  disciplinary  research and innovation which share  the value of  convergent science, excellence and  societal impact.

 CSN II in collaboration with BRAINX3,  CEEDSEASEL, RGS-EODYNE, FUTURE  MEMORY FOUNDATION, and the research group SPECS