NBIS Community

One of the objectives of CSNII is the development of scientific co-operation in the present and future Framework Programmes within the field of biomimetics and neurotechnology. Through these coordinating activities, CSNII will enable the strengthening of the European Research Area and thus contribute to the co-ordination of high quality research by bringing together the key experts, research groups and stakeholders in the frontier research field of biomimetics and neurotechnology research.

CSNII represents the NBIS community, who will be informed and invited to the CSNII co-organized workshop events.

Neuro-Bio-Inspired Systems (NBIS) Projects

CORTICONIC - Computations and Organization of Retes Through the Interaction of Computational, Optical and Neurophysiological Investigations of the Cerebral cortex.
GRIDMAP - Grid cells: From brains to technical implementation.
MAGNETRODES - Electromagnetic detection of neural activity at cellular resolution
NEUROSEEKER - Investigation of local and global cortical circuits with advanced neural probes for high-resolution electrophysiological monitoring and optogenetic stimulation
RENVISION - Retina-inspired ENcoding for advanced VISION tasks.
SI ELEGANS - Emulating the C. elegans nervous system: A blueprint for brain-inspired computational architectures.
SPACECOG - Spatial Cognition.
VISUALISE - Visual modelling using ganglion cells.
BRAINLEAP - A quantum leap: from a spike-centered brain universe to its underlying synaptic landscape
CSNII - Convergence Science Network of Biomimetics and NeuroTechnology