Papers accepted for spotlight presentations (5 min)

DAY 1: Spotlights 1     Wednesday 29 July           

► 12:35  An under-actuated and adaptable soft robotic gripper. Mariangela Manti, Taimoor Hassan, Giovanni Passetti, Nicolò D’Elia, Matteo Cianchetti, Cecilia Laschi             
► 12:40  Measuring the local viscosity and velocity of fluids using a biomimetic tactile whisker. Tom Rooney, Tony Pipe, Martin Pearson             
► 12:45  The vertical Optic Flow : an additional cue for stabilizing Beerotor robot’s flight without IMU. Fabien Expert, Franck Ruffier                     

DAY 3:  Spotlights 2      Friday 31 July 

► 12:30 Route following without scanning. Aleksandar Kodzhabashev, Michael Mangan             
► 12:35  Using Animal Data and Neural Dynamics to Reverse Engineer a Neuromechanical Rat Model. Alexander Hunt, Nicholas Szczecinski, Emanuel Andrada, Martin Fischer, Roger Quinn            
► 12:40  Studying the Coupled Learning of Procedural and Declarative Knowledge in Cognitive Robotics. Rodrigo Salgado, Francisco Bellas, Richard J. Duro           

DAY 3:  Spotlights 3      Friday 31 July
► 16:30  Damasio’s Somatic Marker for Social Robotics: Preliminary Implementation and Test. Lorenzo Cominelli, Daniele Mazzei, Roberto Garofalo, Micheal Pieroni, Abolfazl Zaraki, Danilo De Rossi             
► 16:35  Learning Sensory Correlations for 3D Egomotion Estimation. Cristian Axenie, Jorg Conradt             
► 16:40 Active control for object perception and exploration with a robotic hand. Uriel Martinez-Hernandez, Nathan F. Lepora, Tony Prescott            
► 16:45 Multi-objective optimization of multi-level models for controlling animal collective behavior with robots. Leo Cazenille, Nicolas Bredeche, José Halloy