Papers Accepted for oral presentations  (30 min)  

1.  A model of larval biomechanics reveals exploitable passive properties for  efficient locomotion
Dylan Ross, Konstantinos Lagogiannis, Barbara Webb 

2.  Dynamic Walking with a Soft Limb Robot.
Yasmin Ansari, Ali Leylavi Shoushtari, Vito Cacucciolo, Matteo Cianchetti, Cecilia Laschi

3.  Worm-like Robotic Locomotion with a Compliant Modular Mesh.
Andrew Horchler, Akhil Kandhari, Kathryn Daltorio, Kenneth Moses, Kayla Andersen, Hillary Bunnelle, Joseph Kershaw, William Tavel, Richard Bachmann, Hillel Chiel, Roger Quinn

4.  WormTIP: An Invertebrate inspired active Tactile Imaging Pneumostat.
Andrew Hinitt, Jonathan Rossiter, Andrew Conn

5.  An Energetically-Autonomous Robotic Tadpole with Single Membrane Stomach and Tail.
Hemma Philamore, Jonathan Rossiter, Ioannis Ieropoulos

6.  Copying nature - a design of hyper-redundant robot joint/support based on hydrostatic skeleton afolayan
Matthew Olatunde

7.  Wings of a Feather Stick Together: morphing wings with barbule-inspired latching
Aimy Wissa, Kyungwon Amy Han, Mark Cutkosky

8.  Obstacle-avoidance navigation by an autonomous vehicle inspired by a bat biosonar strategy.
Yasufumi Yamada, Kentaro Ito, Arie Oka, Shinichi Tateiwa, Tetsuo Ohta, Ryo Kobayashi, Shizuko Hiryu, Yoshiaki Watanabe

9.  Development of Piezoelectric Artificial Cochlea Inspired by Human Hearing Organ.
Youngdo Jung, Jun-Hyuk Kwak, Hanmi Kang, Wandoo Kim, Shin Hur

10.  Visual odometry and low-speed optic flow measurement by means of a vibrating artificial compound eye.
Fabien Colonnier, Augustin Manecy, Raphael Juston, Stéphane Viollet

11.  Closed-loop control in an autonomous bio-hybrid robot system based on binocular neuronal input.
Jiaqi Huang, Holger G Krapp

12.  MantisBot: A Platform for Investigating Mantis Behavior via Real-Time Neural Control.
Nicholas Szczecinski, David Chrzanowski, David Cofer, David Moore, Andrea Terrasi, Joshua Martin, Ritzmann Roy, Roger Quinn

13.  Saying it with light: A pilot study of affective communication using the MIRO robot.
Emily C. Collins, Tony Prescott, Ben Mitchinson

14.  Integrating feedback and predictive control in a bio-inspired model of visual pursuit implemented on a humanoid robot.
Lorenzo Vannucci, Egidio Falotico, Nicola Di Lecce, Paolo Dario, Cecilia Laschi

15.  Knowledge transfer in deep block-modular neural networks.
Alexander Terekhov, Guglielmo Montone, J. Kevin O’Regan

16.  A top-down approach for a synthetic autobiographical memory system.
Andreas Damianou, Carl Henrik Ek, Luke Boorman, Neil Lawrence, Tony Prescott

17.  Crowdseeding: a novel approach for designing bioinspired machines.
Mark Wagy, Josh Bongard

18.  Effects of the robot’s role on Human-Robot Interaction in an educational scenario. 
Maria Blancas, Vasiliki Vouloutsi, Klaudia Grechuta, Paul Verschure